• Curbside Consult

There is a time-honored tradition of physicians being able to grab a colleague to float an idea or get an informal second opinion.

That’s what this is – thirty minutes to speak doctor-to-doctor about a specific EHR Governance question or to vet an idea.

It’s free!

  • Lectures & Workshops

When was the last time someone was excited about EHR Governance?

We are!

We love to talk about our approach and why focusing on consensus-driven user experience is the secret sauce to improving your EHR.

Or maybe you want a workshop to align and inspire your guiding coalition?

We’re here to help!

  • Formal Engagement

Leading change to grow your EHR governance structure is challenging work that requires commitment and consistency over a long period of time. Hiring a consultant skilled in change management and the development of strategic alliances may be exactly what you need to bring a fresh perspective.

Work with someone who trains your core team leaders to be the face of your EHR governance processes from the first day.  This is key to building a culture of credibility and trust over the long horizon.

Contact us if we can help analyze your needs and develop a customized solution.


  • Arch Collaborative


Join this group to benchmark the current state of EHR experience within your practice or organization.

  • HIMSS Series Book


Read the book.

Do the exercises.

Create the toolkit.

Fully use this practical guide!

  • Cultural Profile

Different organizations have different cultural styles. 

Learn what yours is and how it impacts your ability to change.

  • Team Building


There is a science to building effective teams.

Working Genius is one tool used by organizations to do this.